Youre The One de Little Sister Letra y Video

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You're the onelittle sisteri'm the one, you're the onei'm the one, you're the onei'm the one, you're the oneyou're the one, you're the onei'm the one who wants to be aheadi stand in line and i'm behind insteadwhat is happenin' let me look aroundnot a thing trying to hold me downnow i know i got to look at mesome things a little hard to seeyou're the oneand your mama can't make you goodyou're the one can't blame no argumentyou're the onedon't you know how to take a hintyou're the oneyour teacher can't teach you dumbyou're the onebut your pity can make you numbyou're the onei'm the one my life has taught to fightto turn around would never make it rightinside out or outside inthe way you do depends on where you've beeni think i'm making it, i think i'm nearthen i realize i'm in the rear