Call Of The Wild De Dreamtale Letra Y Video


Call Of The Wild de Dreamtale Letra y Video

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Time, only time, but its flowing

Covering our lives with its sand
Memories, flashbacks, from the time thats passed
Slowly, mind fades, it happened too fast
Going back to that silent vale
Where those whispers first called me to stay

Whispers come back, mind loses track
I wont let it touch my lies
Howling, screaming, burning inside
I will not bow to you
See your wrath and loathing increasing
Feel the warmth of suns appealing
Burning, twisting, youre not so strong
Oh, you are wrong

Give me wings so that I could fly
Give me insight to see all those lies
Give me a stronger soul that will not bow
Give me the strength to go

Give me my wings so I could fly
Beyond the reach of lies
I will go back for awhile
Over shards of our lives
Future holds me no prize
Into past, I shall dive - Call of the Wild